Aesthetic of Repetition

Yun Mi Suh

The site that I have picked is ‘Gum Wall’ on Post Alley in Pike Place Market, Seattle. I focused on the repetition of ordinary materials in urban environment. A gum is very ordinary and banal object but a layer of gums makes powerful urban impression that attracts people. This place not only has a meaning itself as unique urban scene but also makes a performance or an event: the act of attaching gums. I observed that people enjoy the act of attaching gum on the wall, and this looked a kind of a performance of urban vernacular. I could find the evidence that some people came several times to finish their art and enjoyed the performance. This performance repeated thousands times and made a spatial form in urban area which create other activities. Also, old gums and fresh gums consisted the wall together and made a history. The layer of gum is a visible process how space is created and activated by people and time. From this idea and concept I found more similar urban scenes and then I put a gum on the wall.

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