Revolution Taco Truck

Monica Thompson

Bright, colorful, bizarre, functional, inviting… all adjectives we can use to describe the taco truck. Despite modernity, capitalism, or technology, the taco truck is still widely used as an element of ‘mobile architecture’. El Camion fills a food niche not otherwise addressed by the surrounding establishments: good food for low fares in a space that offers a certain freedom from the normal indoor operated or sit-down experience.
El Camion, a taco truck in north Seattle, (11728 Aurora Avenue North) discreetly offers the chance to feel something, and perhaps to share the feeling with someone else. . In our area where street food is often scarce, buying something from the taco truck becomes an exciting moment. This taco truck resides in a parking lot designated for a nearby tobacco store and mini-mart, but have essentially changed the appropriated private space into a dynamic, economic, social node for its customers.
A wonderful consequence of this taco truck is great flexibility and the availability to various social-demographic groups, as it attracts people from different social classes and age groups. There is now a relationship between El Camion, the site where it is located, and the patrons. Join in a salute to the taco truck. Join in what could be Seattle’s street food revolution. Taco trucks can offer some of the most gloriously energetic food in the City of Seattle.

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