Parking at Westlake Plaza

Daniel Jeon
The site I have chosen to study is in middle of downtown, Seattle where lots of retail shops are cluster together. It is located near 4th Ave and Pine St and also known as Westlake Plaza. I focused on the urban streets around the site and attempt to gain knowledge of individual’s behavior with how they deal with parking. Westlake Plaza is surrounded by big enclosed retail pavilion such as Westlake Center, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and other small shops. Therefore, it is not wrong to say, site is busy from morning to evening. It is also a place where lots of diverse group of people show up for different reasons. Shoppers and tourists tend to dominate the streets. It is easy to spot homeless people, workers from near offices, group of teenagers, people protesting as well. In driver’s point of view, the site is in between Seattle Center, Pioneer Square, International district, and Capitol Hill. People who come to Westlake plaza specifically and people who are going through the site in order to get to near destination collide and makes an even busier road. This urban space is compacted and highly dense place. It has lots of energy and movement all around the area which could be a bit problem for people who are looking for parking.

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