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Pedestrian Bridge over Delridge Way

The site that I selected to represent Seattle Aggregate Urbanism was a pedestrian bridge over Delridge Way near the intersection of Delridge Way and Oregon. The pedestrian bridge allows for a linkage between the Delridge Community Center and the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. More importantly it bridges the gap that was hindered by Delridge Way which is a busy road.
The neighborhood of Delridge is a major neighborhood is adjacent to ridges on both sides. Delridge Way is a road that links most of West Seattle residents to the West Seattle Bridge. The result is a neighborhood, dominated by vehicles, that constrains Delridge into two neighborhoods flanking the street. The speed limit on Delridge Way is 35 miles per hour, has an elementary school, day care center, mini-marts, community center, green trails, library, and arts center the length of the street.
These problems have led to an opportunity. What is more important Delridge as safe neighborhood or a neighborhood that allows for efficient and swift accessibility to the West Seattle Bridge? The outcome was one pedestrian bridge that allows continuous movement between the two sides and for traffic. The pedestrian bridge works as a threshold/gateway and also is a place to display community banners. I chose this site because it is a space that seems simple but holds a lot of meaning.

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