Taco Trucks: Authentic Infiltrators

Eric Scharnhorst

Just as a batch of carnitas is cooked according to a specific recipe, certain conditions must be met in order for taco trucks to thrive. Of course, there should be a demand for tacos. There must also be a supply of parking lots, visionary entrepreneur chefs, and modified trucks.

These mobile food vendors produce and sell tacos in parking lots. Proxy to this function is the reprogramming of an urban form whose primary intent is car storage, characterized by the inhumane surplus of asphalt parking spaces. In the area it takes to park four cars, an authentic latino restaurant can operate. In doing so, an empty parking lot can be transformed into an activated dining space with newly accreted functionality.

Taqueria La Pasadita is a Seattle taco truck whose form has been accreted onto a parking lot. Two feet south of the rear bumper is the dining room, a large canvas wall-tent filled with white plastic tables and chairs. This typology is repeated throughout Seattle and King County. It represents the infiltration of an authentic program onto the ubiquitous form of the American parking lot.

más grande por favor!

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