Salmon Sandwhich

Frames are often viewed as a passage into a single moment of time. Landscape as a passage, as data transfer is an intriguing concept. This transfer of data should not be interpreted as a mere sequence of events; not just an intriguing network of pedestrian pathways segmented by nodes and thresholds. We must come to the realization of the result; for what purpose was the decision made?

Data always has a destination and a purpose for existing; there is a meaning behind its course of travel, an ending. Process may not necessarily be the most important component, contrary to most teachings. Where does the path lead to? What function does the planting arrangement provide? These elements are put in place to achieve a goal, not simply pull one along through a delightful composition. A narrative eventually comes to a conclusion..

None the less, we build along the water lines; food, transportation, storage, facility. A seafood restaurant, “Ivars Salmon House” is built using warm woods, likely transported to its location by the very source which feeds the passer-by. One eats a grilled salmon sandwich, sitting on a wooden bench, overlooking the water. They mention to themselves how beautiful the light is. Their eye is then caught by carvings along the wall, reminiscent of Indian craft. Perhaps a bit pretentious, depending on ones view. Having taken their land, we “honor” them with a machined carving of abstract whales and fishery. Is this intended to add authenticity to a salmon sandwich?

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