Everday Pedestrian: Lake Union Waterfront

Vanessa Nevers

The western shore of Seattle’s Lake Union holds a variety of experiences for the pedestrian adventurer. However, it is the type of place that one would not ordinarily consider exploring. The path running from the South Lake Union Development to the Fremont neighborhood runs between a continuous parking lot and a string of private marinas and boating related shops and services. Alongside the parking lot is Westlake Avenue, a busy road popular with commuters. There is also a fair amount of development in the area with many of the buildings under construction or slated for demolition. All of these elements blend together creating a varied and layered experience that is completely unexceptional, yet full of possibility. When moving at a pedestrian pace it is possible to perceive the variety of emotions and memories triggered by even the most mundane of elements within the environment. Taking the time to examine how we perceive our urban environment allows us to gain a better understanding of the cities we live in and of ourselves. A closer examination of the Lake Union pedestrian experience reveals that ordinary places often hold the most meaning and are most worth exploring on foot.

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