Historic Façades Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Moghan Lyon

Locations: Cascade (South Lake Union), Queen Anne, Belltown

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Uniqueness, character and history are disappearing from the neighborhoods of Seattle. In the past, neighborhoods such as Cascade, Queen Anne and Belltown had such flavor and individuality; they are now being overrun by ordinary, mind-numbing buildings that are being built and found throughout the city and all over the country. Design originality is no longer as important as maximizing profit and space. The result of this development is the loss of historic layers which used to rekindle memories of stories and events that took place in these older neighborhoods long ago. The distinctiveness and inimitable icons of the diverse neighborhoods created an aggregate urbanism. A sense of ownership was created. These iconic neighborhoods, special in their own ways, came together like a puzzle to create the aggregate we know as Seattle. Seattle has always been considered a small city where differences were accepted and quirkiness was encouraged. Unfortunately, the aggregation of the neighborhoods and city have slowly dissolved. Development without thought of history and character has won out. Seattle is losing its appeal as a place where sticking out and standing apart from the rest of the crowd is no longer acceptable. Be bold, stand out, try something new and different!

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