Seattle Dogs and Insurgent Space

Mackenzie Waller

Domesticated dogs are an embodiment of both culture and nature. In an urban setting, the domesticated dog becomes a centerpiece in the power and politics of manipulating the landscape. A less studied area of urban spaces fall on the border between the human/dog sphere. These are places that fall outside the boundary of these more standardized, structured spaces, and are important because they demonstrate ways that users (dog-owners) modify spaces and push legal boundaries in order to serve their needs.

The most important aspect of exploring the impact of loose space and insurgent space is to address its impact on public opinion. These spaces are often the site of behavior that is outside that which is recognized as ‘acceptable’. At times these activities have been deemed illegal, adding to a negative public opinion. This exposure to diversity allows for shifts in public opinions. Some examples of these types of insurgent spaces are shown here and they often have a much more powerful impact on public opinion than the legally sanctioned methods of programming activities.

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